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Pho Dictionary

Photune - (noun) prosperity attained through the eating of Pho.

Phoget - (verb) - to lose the remembrance of your last bowl of Pho.

Phocus - (verb) - to cause to be concentrated on eating Pho.

Phom Party - (noun) - activity where party goers stand in large room of Pho (commonly engaged in during spring break)

Photify - (verb) - to make strong through the consumption of Pho.

Phoplay - (noun) - erotic stimulation preceding the eating of a bowl of Pho.

Pho'tograph - (noun) - a picture of Pho

Mo Pho - (adj) - a way to describe a really good bowl of Pho (eg. That was one tasty Mo Pho).

Pholktale (noun) - (noun) - characteristically anonymous, timeless, and placeless tale about Pho that has been circulated orally among a people.

Phoklore - traditional Pho customs, Pho tales, Pho sayings, Pho dances, and Pho art forms preserved among a people .

Pho'bia - (noun) - exaggerated fear of not finding a tastey bowl of Pho.

Phocast - (noun) - a prophecy, estimate, or prediction of a future consumption of Pho.

Photress - (noun) - a large and permanent fortification of pho sometimes around a person or group of individuals.

Phorum - (noun) - discussion of a pho problem usually by several authorities on Pho.

Phomula - (noun) - a symbolic expression of the chemical composition or constitution of Pho.

Phoxy - (adj) - an attractive bowl of Pho.


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